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Should I put my box/board in the refrigerator until I plan to serve?

Yes! You should leave your charcuterie box or board in the refrigerator until 1 hour prior to serving. Pulling it out 1 hour ahead allows the cheese and charcuterie to settle down to room temperature which is ideal for consumption! 

How far in advance should I order? 

Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance. To guarantee your ideal date, we recommend ordering as soon as you know the date you would like it! Weekends (Friday-Sunday) tend to get booked quickly. 

Is it okay to leave my box/board in the refrigerator overnight? 

We recommend that you serve/eat your charcuterie the day you receive it. However, if you need to order the day prior for any reason, just let us know! That way, we can package the crackers separately to maintain maximum freshness. 

If I have an allergy or dietary restriction, am I allowed to customize?

Of course! Leave us a note in the “additional info” box when submitting your order and we will be sure to exclude any specified foods! 

If I'm ordering a gift can I include a note with delivery?

Absoloutley! We have cards available for $5 Let us know what message you would like in the "additional info" box when you are selecting your product 

We are happy to include that extra personal touch with any delivery. 

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